A Training, HR Assessment and Consultancy Firm

Vision & Mission


CEE is striving to become the most innovative capacity building and organizational development firm. We aspire to lead our industry by offering the most diversified portfolio of intervention techniques to enhance the intellectual capital of our clients.


CEE’s mission is to offer an eco-system of outcome-based solutions to its clients. CEE will incorporate industry best practices which lead to transformational learning. Our team will deliver purpose-oriented intervention programs based on the latest scientific approaches that result in the learning and development of our clients’ human resources, giving them the required competitive advantage. We will continue to bring about a pragmatic change in the environment we operate in; the stakeholders we collaborate with; our employees and the societal constituents we serve.

Strategic Goals

  1. Fulfill executive development requirements at the regional and national levels
  2. Focus on region specific, innovative and emergent areas for training
  3. Focus on tool-based, skill-oriented interventions through experiential learning
  4. Adopt customized problem solving approaches through partnering with the client

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