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About CEE


The Center for Executive Education (CEE) is a Training, HR Asessment & Consultany firm. CEE aims to play an integral role in the long term development of corporate firms. CEE intends to help the corporate sector in achieving sustained competitive advantage by adding value to their human capital through cutting edge, applicative tool-based training programs.

We incorporate a pragmatic transformation in the corporate world by applying innovative and invigorating andragogy and techniques. With a rich and diversified blend of service offerings that include trainings, consultancies, assessments, social project initiatives, and certifications, we seek to create a positive impact on society and the stakeholders associated with us.

We are identifying new and unexplored areas for the 21st century executive development. We believe in quantifying the learning outcomes through on the job applicability for our client organizations. Our competitive edge lies in our intellectual capital that consists of a highly diversified and large pool of internationally qualified trainers and consultants who have proven track records of successfully executing industry projects coupled with liberated corporate exposures and experience.

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