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Social and Public Projects

CEE Social and Public Sector

The social sector is comprised of a value system which is fostering values of philanthropy to support various economic and social doings undertaken for the purpose of assisting society, and it is sponsored by Humanitarian and Government organizations aimed to enrich society by initiating charitable projects. It can only be possible by properly channeling the flow of information, education, equal employment opportunities and cash flow at the macro level to ensure equal dissemination of wealth.

It is the primary responsibility of state level institutions to achieve humanitarian goals in collaboration with multiple national and international private organizations by introducing various Social and Public sector programs to polish skills and enhance capacity of deserving individuals of society.

Pakistan lags behind in achieving the “Millennium Development Goals” set by the United Nations, which includes education, empowerment and self-esteem as key elements of lasting development. These are the things that motivate the Center for Executive Education to join hands for stated objectives and to initiate various public sector programs.

Skills Development Trainings

Education is considered as a most fruitful way of serving humanity and a source of achieving sustainable growth and prosperity. Sponsored skill enhancement training courses achieve desired outcomes in an optimal manner overcoming time and financial constraints. Technical trainings are designed to teach practical skills to individuals relevant to a specific area of study. Our skills development and vocational trainings are intended to improve income generation opportunities for the population of Pakistan especially with poor socio economic backgrounds. It will also build their self-esteem that is a major indicator of the economic economic development of any country. We offer training courses to inculcate both hard and soft skills into our participants to foster their mental capabilities and interpersonal skills along with technical proficiencies by offering multiple courses to groom their personality and providing various hands-on skills.

Upcoming Training Courses

Who can join our programs?

Skill enhancement courses target under-privileged individuals of the society.

Our Partners

CEE offers platforms to various Private, Provincial and Federal Government Institutions and collaborates with them to attain their cause of social well-being and alleviation of human anguishes by training deserving members of society to become proficient enough to serve as active agents of social and economic advancement. Our major partners in social development include Punjab Skills Development Fund (PSDF), National Vocational & Technical Training Commission (NAVTTC) Pakistan, Technical Education & Vocational Training Authority (TEVTA) Punjab and Small & Medium Enterprises Development Authority (SMEDA).

Our Sponsors

Social development projects are funded by various national and international welfare organizations including World Bank that has pooled resources with Government institutions for some major projects, Department for International Development - UK aid, US aid and International Development Association.

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