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CEE Outbound Wing - Director's Message

The Center for Executive Education (CEE) is a trailblazer for delivering “Outbound Training Services (OTS)” and sets itself apart from other training companies. OTS provides a full ecosystem for training our client’s human resources through practical hands on approach provided in a natural setting by using a pragmatic training approach. We believe in “Safety First” so that all alfresco activities are performed under the watchful eyes of our certified outbound management team.

The challenging, fun-filled and applicative outbound programs of CEE, that can span from 01 to 07 days, give a flair and fervor of exciting challenges. Such challenges assist trainees to practically enhance leadership abilities, imbue a cross functional approach, deal with time and stress management, and enhance decision making abilities. OTS is strategically planned to allow participants to experience stimulating situations that enhance immediate transformations in their aptitudes which are then reflected through their organization’s culture. This creates a positive impact on participants’ ingenious and innovative capabilities along with the overall growth of their organizations.

Our training facilitators develop and execute the latest and thrilling team activities through a mix of adventurous tasks such as Zip Line, Wire Bridge, Rafting and Rock Climbing that are undertaken in the enchanted terrains of the high clad mountains of Manoor Valley, Khaghan Valley, Fairy Meadows, Margalla Hills, Donga Gali, Khanpur Dam, etc. Other learning oriented yet fun-filled camp site events include a bonfire, Bar-B-Que, treasure hunts, flag capturing, strategic wars, etc.

I am proud to be the part of this dynamic and zealous working team of outbound professionals and trainers at CEE who are imbued with zeal and unstinted flair to develop, organize and conduct energizing outbound programs for our clients. I welcome you aboard in joining the best in class outbound experience of CEE by becoming part of this highly innovative outbound experience staged in outdoor settings.

Aly Raza Syed
Director, CEE Outbound Wing

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