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Custom Programs

CEE offers “Customized Training Programs” which are tailored according to our clients’ needs and based upon in-depth Training Need Analysis. We emphasize on the quality of our executive development programs. The program’s relevance and rigor is the key to making a difference for our clients’ organizations in helping them to realize their goals and true potential. We are dedicated to identifying the issues faced by the company and we work to resolve their problems with the highest effort, dedicated to identifying the roots of issues and working together to develop strategic and effective solutions.

CEE‘s Customized Training Progrmas are led by a dynamic team of Business Development Managers, qualified Research Associates, empathetic Service Coordinators and Dynamic Training Facilitators. These programs are designed as integrated elements of our clients’ goals and broader leadership initiatives. Our team works closely with clients at an ownership level; as both partners and advisors, to create high-impact custom programs.



Core Areas

  1.     Leadership & Team Building
  2.     Management & Strategy
  3.     Personal Excellence
  4.     Communication Skills
  5.     Accounting & Finance
  6.     Supply Chain & Operations Management
  7.     Sales & Marketing
  8.     Quality Management
  9.     Human Resource Management
  10.     Information System

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