CEE is dedicated to and engaged in community development. We undertake social/public sector projects to enhance the capacity of individuals and to help them achieve technical skills. Social Projects at CEE is a highly engrossed function carried out to facilitate the well-being of the society in a productive and sustainable manner. Every nation is comprised of various classes of individuals belonging to diverse socioeconomic backgrounds. Irrespective of their social and religious class all citizens must have basic human rights of fulfillment of physiological requirements, social security and self-esteem needs. That can only be possible by properly channelizing the flow of information, education, equal employment opportunities, and cash flow at macro level to ensure equal dissemination of wealth. That is primary responsibility of State level institutions to achieve humanitarian goals in collaboration with multiple national and international private organizations. Social welfare in its true sense doesn’t reflect financial assistance of needy individuals, which may harm their self-respect, rather supporting them to advance their capabilities to generate revenue by themselves and eliminate reliance on other units of society. In this manner everlasting social growth can be achieved.

“We provide opportunity to improve way/standard of living (lifestyle) rather livelihood to set foundation of a society on sustainable grounds leading towards continuous economic growth and development by providing them technical education in collaboration with government and NGOs.”

Objectives of Social/Public sector Programs

Skill Development Trainings
Education is considered as a most fruitful way of serving humanity and source of achieving sustainable growth and prosperity where sponsored skill enhancement training courses facilitate to achieve desired outcome in an optimal manner overcoming time and financial constraints. Technical trainings are designed to teach practical skills to individuals relevant to a specific area of study. Our skills development and vocational trainings intend to improve income generation opportunities for the populations of Pakistan especially with poor socio economic background and to recuperate their self-esteem that is major indicator of economic development of any country. We offer training courses to indoctrinate both hard and soft skills of the individuals to foster their mental capabilities and interpersonal skills along with technical proficiencies by offering multiple courses to groom their personality and to get command on various hands-on skills.

Benefits / Value Addition

Vocational Training Projects
CEE has been efficaciously delivering multiple technical and vocational trainings to the individuals belonging to poor socio-economic background since its commencement and has gained preeminent expertise in the area of inculcating knowledge and skills to trainees in order to produce empowered and self-confident individuals.

Completed Projects
Under the Skills for Garments, Punjab Skills growth Strategy, and skills for women focused strategy, by Punjab Skills Development Fund (PSDF), CEE has successfully completed following short courses of six-month duration.

Based on our tremendous performance, National Vocational & Technical Training Commission NAVTTC allocated us a contract of providing trainings under scheme of Prime Minister Youth Skills Development Program Phase II in 2015 under which we trained 135 people in following programs.
Some specific courses being offered in these areas encompass

CEE has also completed some projects with Technical Education & Vocational Training Authority (TEVTA)
Some specific courses being offered in these areas encompass

Center for Executive Education (CEE) provides consultancy to “Home Net” Network of Home based Workers in South Asia and following courses short courses were offered to students.

Current Projects
Under skills for women focused strategy, by Punjab Skills Development Fund (PSDF), in collaboration with World Bank, Fabric Cutting Expert course, specifically designed for women, are currently being delivered by CEE. This Course focuses upon making the trainees highly proficient in industrial cutting so that they will be able to contribute to economic growth and support their families by generating revenue either by developing their own entrepreneurial venture or serving garment industry as a skillful resource and live reverential life.50 trainees are currently enrolled in stated courses who are enthusiastically putting their efforts in sharpening their skills in comfortable learning environment under the instructions of our highly veteran trainers.

Future Projects
Under Prime Minister Youth Skills Development Program Phase III National Vocational & Technical Training Commission NAVTTC has again award us a contract also allocated us a 6 month course “Documentary Ad and Short Film Making” that we are planning to start in February, 2017. We have foreign qualified trainer that will be conducting classes of this course.