Outbound Programs

CEE’s Outbound programs are characterized as action learning programs based on experiential learning model. These programs are staged in wilderness/outdoors. During these program participants are engaged in meaningful activities where they clearly see hidden aspects of their behavior and learn various intricacies of team building and leadership, which is then brought forward for personal well being and organizational growth.

Living in the close contrast with nature is a powerful experience that gives participants a completely different perspective toward life, leadership and people orientation. Wilderness challenges and compels participants to get out of their comfort zones, break their perceptions and see reflections of their positive self and new world around them.

Mutual trust, interpersonal communication, problem solving, courage, interdependency and collaboration are building blocks of our every program. We believe that without above fundamentals, true leadership does not exist. Hence our purpose built activities reinforce these attributes over and over again. At first this process helps them drop their biased views, reduce inner resistance and create openness to increase learning curve and at second stage we incorporate desired behaviors.

There is a Chinese proverb, “I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand. – Confucius”. Hence lessons drown through performing activities are never forgotten. Wilderness/outdoor activities are considered as a very effective tool of transformation because it does not let the participants hide themselves behind the curtain of fake identity, consequently a group can easily learn from the strengths and weakness of peers; enabling them to better contribute toward achieving common goal.

Why Outbound?

Wilderness is in its self a very powerful experience that teaches various life lessons and inculcate leadership traits where flexibility, problem solving, dissolving fear, challenging personal limitations and team work is a by product.
Studies have shown that when people are in playful mode or in an action mode, their learning process becomes fast. The rationale behind it is that Action and nature does not allow people to hold negativity for a longer period, hence in outdoor setting people drop their defenses and become receptive for new learning which in turn help us teach and train new concepts.

Learning Methodology

Theory and practice is knitted together with physical and mental exercises that provide hands on learning, thus linking to work place applications.

Methodology includes:

Outbound Learning Model

We work very closely with our clients and carefully align training contents with individual learning needs and long term organizational objectives in our highly customized Outbound Programs.

Methodology includes:

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