The Center for Executive Education (previously CMD) at School of Business and Economics, UMT is a Training, HR Assessment and Consultancy Firm; which aims to play an integral role in the long term development of the corporate firms and consequently helping them to achieve sustained competitive advantage by adding value to their human capital through cutting edge, applicative tool based training programs.
Our core competence is a highly diversified and large pool of internationally qualified trainers and consultants with proven track records and feedback along with experience and corporate exposures.

The philosophy of CEE is based on the "Triple-loop learning" concept.

Single-Loop Learning
”Following the rules”
In single-loop learning, people, organizations or groups modify their actions according to the difference between expected and reached outcomes. In other words, when something goes wrong or does not happen like we would like, most of us would consider how the situation could be fixed.

Double-loop learning
”Changing the rules”
In single-loop learning characterized by the fact that we changed our action or behavior to fix or avoid mistakes. Whereas in double-loop learning we also correct or change the underlying causes behind the problematic action. In double-loop learning we are forced to think about our actions in the framework of our operating assumptions. That is an important thing because we need to start thinking and analyzing our own processes.

Triple-loop learning
“Learning about learning”
In triple-loop learning we learn how to learn by reflecting how we learned in the first place. In this kind of learning organizations, individuals or groups should reflect on how they think about rules and not only think that rules should be changed. Triple-loop learning helps us to understand more about ourselves or our organization. One definition for triple-loop learning is “double-loop learning about double-loop learning”.