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HR ASSESSMENTS for Succession Planning

CEE facilitates corporations to perform Human Resource [HR] Assessment which is a process of systematically collecting data concerning existing employees' personalities and intellectual proficiencies. Internationally accepted standards and mechanisms are used to screen and recruit job applicants by reaching conclusions regarding their qualifications, skills, experience and knowledge. Assessments also help to promote existing human talent to the higher positions through assessing their personalities and job relevant skills. It paves the way for self-leadership, competencies development and executive development.

Our “HR Assessment Services” assist clients and their organizations in acquiring and retaining superlative human resource. We facilitate in picking out the most talented employees in an organization, evaluate them regularly and provide a source for continuous improvement in their skill set. This allows to channelize potentials of outperforming employees by providing them career growth opportunities. Hiring and sustaining the right talent, particularly the future leaders can be a cumbersome process. For this, CEE helps organizations to overcome this cumbersome yet important process by providing various Psychometric Assessments outlined below.

Key Objectives



Assessment Centers (AC) have the ability to simulate real work situations and are used to identify human talent with the best abilities and attitude to succeed in executive positions. This makes Assessment Centers one of the best methods for evaluating the employees’ potential. Interviews and other methods, if taken alone, have an accuracy of as low as 14%. However, when scores from a combination of different selection exercises are used in Assessment Centers, their accuracy can rise well over 60%. The assessment centers usually run up to 6 hours and have 4-6 people per session. The Internationally Validated activities presented below are used to make sure that candidates are being evaluated thoroughly.

Benefits of Assessment Centers

Key Skills Measured


According to the latest Talent & Resourcing global survey of Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) nearly 50% of the companies are now using personality tests to make their hiring and development process more meaningful and robust. Personality Tests in particular help employees become more self-aware and work towards realizing their potential, saving time and cost in the selection process, decreasing turnover, and improving morale.
We offer Signature MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) tests that are the most popular psychological instruments used in coaching and leadership development by many companies including 90 of top Fortune 100 companies.
We also use BIG FIVE personality traits assessment technique along with the MBTI. BIG FIVE is one of the best accepted and most commonly used model of personality in psychology. It can also be used for occupational purpose i.e. for hiring and interviewing.
Other tests of personality assessment that are offered include SOSIE Personality Traits & Values Tool, Orpheus Personality Test, EQ - Emotional Intelligence Test, LSQ – Learning Style Questionnaire, Giotto, Saville Wave, CII, 360 degree feedback ,TRAIT, and VBIM. CEE also offers MBTI based Signature Workshops.

Practical Application


Running IQ/Aptitude tests is one of best methods employed by companies worldwide to recruit and select the best employees by focusing on a number of different skills. As different departments and industries require a various diversified skills, they need reliable and valid tools which can test the potential employees for those skills. CEE offeres wide range of IQ tests including language proficiency, verbal reasoning, abstract reasoning, numeric reasoning, error checking, decision analysis tests, situational judgment tests, customer services and memory attention tests.

Practical Application

Our tests revolve around a common competency framework to address challenges across the talent cycle from job profiling and screening to performance management and promotions. We manage the complete hiring and selection process based on the strict ethical standards of testing of CIPD, BPS and EFPA.


Batch Hiring is a recruitment practice involving hiring a large number of employees, particularly for entry level positions, within a short time period. We serve organizations, especially Banks, FMCGs, Pharmaceuticals, Engineering firms etc. by providing end-to-end solutions in terms of batch hiring.
We assist our clients to hire fresh graduates for the position of Management Trainee Officer [ MTO] and provide various services as mentioned below: