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CEE Academics

Keeping in view contemporary corporate trends professional experience is not considered as a substitute of academic studies rather it supplements learning gained through theoretical erudition. In order to cope with rapid knowledge transformations CEE Academics offer “Certification Programs” in wide variety of study areas.

Our Academic Certification Program (ACP) entails Applicative Learning Programs (ALP) and Tool-intensive Workshops. These programs are specifically designed for professionals to quench their thirst for advanced studies in their interest areas while eliminating various constraints including time related commitments and constricted schedules.

Our academic certification program is not comprised of typical theory oriented courses and workshops imparting mere bookish knowledge rather it is an amalgamation of theory and practice to achieve knowledge acquisition by internalization and socialization modes of knowledge creation.

Applicative Learning Programs

Dynamics of corporate world are continuously transmuting that creates challenges as well as opportunities for all involved stakeholders. One of major challenge for corporate sector is to keep their human capital up to date with latest business trends and equip them with modern tools and technologies that requires professionals to gain expertise in emerging areas of business knowledge. In order to facilitate industrial growth and professional skills enhancement, we are offering Applicative Learning Programs (ALPs) in various disciplines to industry professionals working at different management levels.

Program Offerings

ALPs are comprised of Post Graduate Diplomas - PGDs, Diploma Courses and Short Certificate Courses. Post Graduate Diploma is a 1 year weekend program specifically designed for working professionals who aim to gain in-depth, advanced level knowledge of subject matter and to augment their expertise. Diploma is a 4 months weekend program specifically designed for executives who intend to obtain basic know-how of the subject area with in shorter period of time. Participants are provided an opportunity to enhance their skills in a particular area either by getting enrolled in any of Certificate Course offered in a PGD-Program and Diploma Program or by opting for Short Certificate Courses that are separately offered.

Tool-Intensive Workshops

Understanding of research procedures and paramount international practices along with the ability to practically use various research focused tools enable researchers to produce excellent piece of literature. We are offering Tool-Intensive Workshops to research scholars and analysts in order to support them in terms of decision making, theoretical reasoning, theory formulation and theory testing that is contingent upon effective and efficient data management and analysis.