Academics & Certifications


The Center for Executive Education is offering different professional and research related certifications. We are organizing hands on workshops on different softwares for research e.g. NVivo for Literature Review and Qualitative Data Analysis, Reference Management using EndNote Software, SPSS for Quantitative Data Analysis, AMOS for Structured Equation Modeling, EVIEWS and PLS. This certificate is design for the researchers, especially for those who are interested in qualitative research and wants to learn about the techniques of data management in qualitative research. This certificate is emphasis on developing skills of qualitative researchers.


We believe in continuous betterment in terms of organizational practices and procedures that necessitates to keep professionals, working at various management level, informed with latest business trends and technologies. In order to bridge gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application of professionals we are offering Post Graduate Diploma (PGD) Program in various disciplines that aims to refine the proficiencies of industry experts by facilitating them to become an agent of incessant advancement through inculcating various management concepts and techniques to them along with providing them expertise in terms of transferring learned tools and practices in to their business operations that allows them to serve their corporations as precious assets leading towards fast-tracked career progress.

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